Project for Strengthening the National Rural Transportation Program (SNRTP)


The SNRTP basically the continuation follow-on of the RAIDP is the third IDA operation to support Nepal’s rural transport sector the past 15 years. The design of this operation reflects lessons learned from a sustained engagement. Without SNRTP’s follow-up interventions, RAIDP beneficiaries might lose much of the access they previously gained, insufficient and ineffective maintenance is the primary threat to the sustainability Of RAIDP investments.
Project Strategy:
SNRTP aligns with the Interim Strategy Note (ISN) for Nepal and forthcoming World Bank Group Country Partnership Strategy (CPS). The CPS specifically highlights improving connectivity throughout NEPAL as a key consideration for inclusive economic growth and rural poverty reduction. SNRTP’s strategic goals are to reduce extreme poverty and increase shared prosperity amongst the bottom 40% through increase in agricultural incomes for rural communities in participating districts.
Project Development Objectives (PDO):
The PDO is to enhance the availability and reliability of transport connectivity for rural communities and participating districts.

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