Rural Access Program Mugu- Humla Link Road (RAP3-MHLR)

Project TitleRural Access Program Mugu- Humla Link Road (RAP3-MHLR)
Project PeriodOctober 2013 to May 2022
Total Budget of Project (FY 2077/78): NPR 71,90,00,000Government of NepalGrant
NPR 32,00,000Budgetary SupportTechnical Assistance
NPR 70,00,000NPR 1,10,00,000
Development PartnerForeign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO UK Aid)
Brief introduction of the projectThe design phase of Rural Access Program (RAP) began 20 years ago in August 1999 with a purpose to support GoN to minimize poverty through the construction and improvement of rural roads aiming for the easy access to markets, service and economic centers in project area.
The implementation of the project has been designed in four different phases: Rural Access Program-phase I (2001 – 2008): Construction of 600km of rural roads using labor based construction. This project generated 6.5 million employment days locally. Rural Access Program-phase II (2008 – 2013): A labor based construction of 396km rural roads generating 7.8 million employment days. Rural Access Program-phase III (2013– 2019) :Technical assistance embedded in GoN offices to: a) construct 97km road in Karnali region generating 5 million employment days,
b)  support GoN maintaining 2,200 km of rural roads in 14 districts,
c)  prepare 75 district transport master plans,
d) enrich socio-economic development in the project area,
e) enhance capacity of DDCs and MoFAGA personnel,
f) provide technical support for maintenance funding in Karnali province. Rural Access Program-phase III – MHLR (2019 – 2022) Construction of 67km Mugu Humla Link Road and associated bridges,
Goal and Objectives of the projectGoal
To construct, maintain and upgrade the roads in rural districts of Nepal promoting socio-economic development.
Objectives To construct Mugu-Humla Link Road To upgrade and maintain the constructed roads. To enhance the institutional capacity.
Major activities of the project1. New Road Construction
2. Generation of Local employment
Project AreaFY 2076/77 – 14 districts
8 Core-District- Aacham, Bajura, Doti,Dailekh, Humla, Jula, Kalikot and Mugu
6 Non-Core District- Jhapa, Morang, Sankhuwasabha, Sindhupalchowk, Parbat and Dadeldhura
FY 2077/78 – Mugu and Humla district,
Technical Assistance in Karnali province
Progress of projectPhysical ProgressFinancial Progress
Total up to January 2021
New construction:  40.2 Km
Physical Progress: 81.90 %
FY 2077/78
New construction:  – 5.7 km out of 12.5 Km
Physical Progress: 45.56 %
FY 2077/78
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Major issues/challenges in implementation of the project and efforts made to address the issuesIssues/challenges Inadequate human resource at the project area. Construction, maintenance and upgrading works were halted for nearly four months due to COVID-19 pandemic. Efforts made to address the issues Continuous co-ordination with Local and Provincial government regarding efficient implementation.